Written Testimonials

The food was great. You were such a good hostess. Your attention to detail really impressed me. The vision board tea party was well received by my guests. It was so nice to do something different for my birthday.
— Lauren


"I love my vision board"

"I love my vision board! I love how the workshop made me think beyond the next week of my life. Having a vision of the next 2 years of my life after I graduate is so motivating and is such a good way to keep me focused daily."



I loved every single moment of it, thank you. I think it's a great tool to pass onto my children and to use annually. I definetely enjoyed every single moment of it. Thank you



"It's really nice to centre what you wanna do with your life and have it all layed out so you can visually see what you want. I would definitely recommend a friend"



"I have just opened a new pilates studio and wanted to add something different to my studio. Ishea has come in and hosted 2 great sessions. She's excellent at taking control of the group and comes with contagious energy. We have had great feedback from our clients and it really brings a positive vibe to the studio. I'm really looking forward to the next one."

— Babs, Owner of Refresh Health & Fitness Club

Cheeky bit of fizz

“I think it's a good idea to get the girls into vision boarding. It was nice to take the time create and share our visions for our futures while sipping on a cheeky bit of fizz hehe. We all have our vision boards hanging in our kitchens.”

— Joy

"Running a tech company you never do stuff like this. They tell you to build a vision and a mission but you never put pen to paper in a creative way. This is a first time experience and it really puts your thoughts into perspective and allows you build that dream and vision. Now you know where you are going."

— Riham Satti, Founder of Mevitae

"Creating a vision board for my businesses is great. Since your workshop we have achieved so many of the goals we set for both businesses and I have used your coaching tools to keep the team focused. This is great. Thank you."

— Vimbai, Founder of Kinrest Services & VBakes

“I got creative”

"It was a little bit out of my comfort zone at first, but I'm glad I've done it. I got creative and I actually managed to think about my life. It was really good, I really enjoyed it. Thank you"


“Managed to get hubby to create his own vision board”

"Thank you so much for hosting the workshop, you are an amazing hostess. It was nice to take some time out to really think about the direction I want my life to go in. All the tips you provided in the workshops are so useful. I have even managed to get hubby to create his own vision board and he loves it!"



"I was really impressed! I came here and thought I was just going to do a vision board workshop and I'm gonna do everything myself. Not only did I get coached on how to do a vision board, I got coached on how to implement other skills into my life so I feel like you get a lot for what you come for and Ishea is brilliant!"


"The process of creating a vision board for my business has really helped me and my team gain clarity and focus on the direction we want the company to go. We live everyday of our lives only thinking about tomorrow yet we don't think about 2 years from now. This tool is excellent."

— Lorraine, Business Owner

"Had such a good time at the vision board tea party yesterday. Thank you Ishea, you actually managed to get me motivated to plan my year ahead and get started with my action plan."


"Great job today with the workshop Ishea. My clients really enjoyed the experience of creating a vision board, many said it's a great concept they have never heard of. You brought great energy and inspiration to the class. I look forward to future collaborations."

— Abraham Mdlongwa, Personal Development Mentor

Wow! So much great feedback from those who attended your Vision Board workshop Ishea. We had no idea it would be this popular with the centre. They thought it was brilliant and they were thoroughly impressed with your unique coaching approach.
— Sue & Nicky, Founders of ASPINGS2 Community Centre

Nice and unique way to celebrate my birthday

“Well planned Ishea! You took care of everything. The food and drink was fantastic and the vision boarding exercise was a nice and unique way to celebrate my birthday with my girls. ”

— Prisca