With over 9 years experience

managing and hosting team development events and workshops throughout the UK, we apply this experience and expertise to help you and your team tap into your greatest potential whether you are a small start-up business or an organisations with large numbers of team members.


The concept of Vision Board for companies

has been around for years, with large organisations such as Airbnb using it as a creative tool to boost motivation through maintaining the team's vision for success. As an employer or team leader, you understand that when the team is driven in their personal life, they show up for work, passionate about their job.


Our workshops train team members to look at the bigger picture of their life through creation of a personal Vision Board.


We look at focusing

and defining the individual's future instead of where they are today. Studies show that this subconsciously encourages individuals to focus on their big dreams which often includes career goals therefore, translating to better job performance in order to begin achieving these newly defined dreams.


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Focus on the direction we want the company to go in

"The process of creating a vision board for my business has really helped me and my team gain clarity and focus on the direction we want the company to go. We live everyday of our lives only thinking about tomorrow yet we don't think about 2 years from now. This tool is excellent."

— Lorraine, Business Owner

They tell you to build a vision and a mission but you never put pen to paper in a creative way

"Running a tech company you never do stuff like this. They tell you to build a vision and a mission but you never put pen to paper in a creative way. This is a first time experience and it really puts your thoughts into perspective and allows you to build that dream and vision. Now you know where you are going."

— Riham Satti, Founder of Mevitae

Keep the team focused

"Creating a vision board for my businesses is great. Since your workshop we have achieved so many of the goals we set for both  businesses and I have used your coaching tools to keep the team focused. This is great. Thank you."

— Vimbai, Founder of Kinrest Services & VBakes