Brands are noticing

that the atmosphere that our workshops bring increases customer/client engagement and loyalty because a personal participatory experience allows them to feel like they are receiving personalised added value beyond the product or service.

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Great feedback from our clients

"I have just opened a new pilates studio and wanted to add something different to my studio. Ishea has come in and hosted 2 great sessions. She's excellent at taking control of the group and comes with contagious energy. We have had great feedback from our clients and it really brings a positive vibe to the studio. I'm really looking forward to the next one."

— Babs, Owner of Refresh Health & Fitness Club

My clients really enjoyed this creative experience

"Great job today with the workshop Ishea. My clients really enjoyed the experience of creating a vision board, many said it's a great concept they have never heard of. You brought great energy and inspiration to the class. I look forward to future collaborations."

— Abraham Mdlongwa, Personal Development Mentor

We had no idea it would be this popular at the centre

"Wow! So much great feedback from those who attended your Vision Board workshop Ishea. We had no idea it would be this popular with the centre. They thought it was brilliant and they were thoroughly impressed with your unique coaching approach."

— Sue & Nicky, Founders of ASPINGS2 Community Centre